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On-Chain Threat Response

Opdefi is an institutional on-chain threat response platform, focused on executing on-chain exit strategies in response to exploit detection.

Automated Workflows

Monitoring & Detection

Speed & Security

Opdefi acts as an automation and execution layer, connecting digital asset custodians, protocols and risk detection platforms.

Opdefi allows you to easily connect your on-chain positions to monitoring services to detect hacks and set up exit strategies to remove you from those positions.

Opdefi executes your multi-step exit strategies atomically in response to hack detection, securely moving assets back to the safety of custody.

Protect Your Assets On-Chain

How It Works


Step 1: Set Up

Opdefi connects to your custodian, allowing you to connect your existing on-chain positions and create multistep exit strategies to unwind those positions.


Step 2: Monitoring

You decide what events or risks will trigger the execution of your exit strategies. You can connect external providers and risk detection platforms whose signals are then continuously monitored for alerts.


Step 3: Response

If a hack or suspicious activity is detected, our automated response mechanism is triggered. Your exit strategies are immediately executed, returning your assets to the security of your chosen custodian.



Connect to your existing custodial wallet 


Choose different DeFi actions

Sign multiple transaction with a single approval

Our Partners

We partner with the best in the industry, connecting risk detection signals directly into our platform.

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